Commission Free Online Ordering

3 min readFeb 10, 2022

As a significant aspect of economic activities is gearing up worldwide, restaurants are now putting pressure on leading online food ordering and delivery app services for altering the commission structure. The restaurants are also demanding to reduce the discounts while imposing new fees for deliveries.

Restaurants continue letting the respective platforms know about ongoing changes, especially with forced platform-centric discounting. Without the given imposition, the nation’s restaurants claim they will not be sustaining operations in the ongoing ‘new normal’ scenario.

The Scenario of Commission-based Food Ordering and Delivery

The latest reports have fueled conversations with the leading online food delivery service providers. Usually, the leading online food ordering and delivery service providers charge around 20–25 percent as a commission of the total value of the order. The commission value will depend on several factors, including the brand, exclusivity, and the overall consumer reach.

Importance of a Commission-free Online Food Ordering System

By delivering a commission-free model, restaurants can continue their operations while being profitable and staying afloat during such challenging times.

sVang allows restaurants to grow the overall profit margins, improve customer relationships, and maximize sales with the help of commission-free online ordering solutions. sVang allows restaurants to integrate online ordering into their websites while taking orders from different customer acquisition channels.

Benefits of Commission-free Food Ordering and Delivery Services

  • Increased Revenue: Online orders bring around 30 percent more revenue than in-person or phone-based orders.
  • Direct Deposit Integration: It is possible to collect customer payments instantly while automatically depositing them directly into the bank account.
  • Real-time Ordering: Restaurants can receive a print upon order placement.
  • No Requirement of Downloads: With the help of internet-based solutions, restaurants and similar service providers can access the respective orders without downloading any apps.
  • Outshining Competitors: It is estimated that only 40 percent of restaurants have access to a dedicated online ordering solution. Restaurants can reach out to the customers before they compete with the help of commission-free online ordering and delivery services.
  • Collection of Customer Information: Now, restaurants can easily collect and manage the dedicated customer database while sending offers directly to the customers who have ordered through the system.

QR Codes –Leading the Way to the Future

With the help of QR Code ordering, local merchants can look forward to increasing efficiency, reducing the overall employee dependency, and streamlining staff responsibilities. This will help improve the service’s speed –allowing merchants to turn tables quickly.

Improving the Overall Transactional Experience

The commission-free online ordering business model is based on minimal fees for merchants and reduced costs on online menus for end customers. It helps in saving the overall interactions. Therefore, it also boosts the transactional experience.

Customers prefer ordering directly from the restaurant or café to support local businesses and the economy. Commission-free online ordering is poised to take the hospitality and foodservice industry to a level more personalized to the customer base.

Commission-free services to the diners and merchants help power effective client engagement with the help of cutting-edge POS technology and similar solutions. Businesses are expected to develop a monthly subscription or software fee and the credit card processing fee for the respective online ordering platform.

Diners get access to a series of convenient options –going directly to the restaurant’s custom mobile app or website of the restaurant for placing the order. The solution allows merchants and businesses to own and expand the customer base while improving order accuracy and efficiency.


The all-new commission-free, contactless online ordering system by sVang is built towards resolving the current and post-pandemic challenges of independent and chain-owned small-scale and medium-scale hospitality and foodservice businesses. As a modern revolution in the restaurant business, dedicated POS solutions by sVang will allow the hospitality and food & beverage industry to manage menus and orders in real-time. The commission-free online ordering system by sVang will help businesses accelerate the overall growth potential by receiving multiple direct orders from mobile apps and websites.




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