Commission Free Online Ordering

  • Increased Revenue: Online orders bring around 30 percent more revenue than in-person or phone-based orders.
  • Direct Deposit Integration: It is possible to collect customer payments instantly while automatically depositing them directly into the bank account.
  • Real-time Ordering: Restaurants can receive a print upon order placement.
  • No Requirement of Downloads: With the help of internet-based solutions, restaurants and similar service providers can access the respective orders without downloading any apps.
  • Outshining Competitors: It is estimated that only 40 percent of restaurants have access to a dedicated online ordering solution. Restaurants can reach out to the customers before they compete with the help of commission-free online ordering and delivery services.
  • Collection of Customer Information: Now, restaurants can easily collect and manage the dedicated customer database while sending offers directly to the customers who have ordered through the system.



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sVang is a one-stop-shop restaurant management solution.